OMG!  It’s been waaaaay too long.  I apologize for the being M.I.A.  I was just a tad busy with yoga teacher training, the studio and life (more to come on all these things later). 🙂  Today’s fun pose Friday is not on a specific pose, but about back bending.

For the past few weeks, myself, Daisy Whittemore, Lika Elwood and few other yogis have been hangin’ and yogi-ing after Lika’s 9:30am $5 Friday Heated Flow class.  It started as an impromptu “hey, check out this pose I learned the other day,” to “what should we work on next week?”  I can’t always join, but Lika and Daisy have been pretty adamant and consistent about our Friday morning workshops/play time (they are in the back room as we speak- or as I type, rather).

Last week I really wanted to work on a previous fun pose Friday post that I have yet to master (but am getting closer): dropbacks.  We discovered last week, that my back is quite bendy.  I always knew I had a pretty open back, but last week I actually felt like I could really do a dropback (one day) and that it’s really more about fear versus ability.

Enjoy these pics from the past couple Fridays.  Check out these major bendy backs:


Pictured above: using a wall is great way to start to work on scorpion pose or vrschikasana and forearm stand or pincha mayurasana.

It doesn’t get any better (or beautiful) than this:


That’s Daisy and Lika with Roger (above), working his acro-yoga skills.  He’s an amazing and dedicated yogi!

This was so much fun (notice that we had to prop Daisy up with blocks so her feet would meet up with Lika’s!):


Enjoy! Happy Friday yogis and yoginis!