Today’s blog is coming from extendYoga’s talented instructor, Amanda Credeur.

Celebrate Spring (& our REOPENING) by Saluting the Sun.

Spring is known as a time of renewal, so it is fitting that the reopening of extendYoga coincides with the Spring Equinox (March 22nd).   Come celebrate the Spring Equinox THIS SATURDAY for FREE! at 1pm.  Along with rebirth, the Spring Equinox is associated with he most well known yoga sequence, the Sun Salutation* (Surya Namaskar). As we move from the shadows of winter into the spring sunlight, sun salutations are a wonderful way to welcome this new season.

The sun salutation sequence is great as a short, daily, home practice, which can help maintain proper alignment between regular yoga classes. Regularly practicing sun salutations is a great way to check in with your body every day; since the sequence includes the same poses, noticing subtle changes in the body between practice sessions becomes easier. One of the best benefits of regularly practicing sun salutations is that the poses build a strong foundation for many intermediate and advanced poses. If strength isn’t always what you’re looking for, any memorized sun salutation can be used as a form of moving mediation.

While the most popular Sun Salutation is Surya Namaskar A (pictured above), there are many other versions and variations. Anyone can easily adjust Surya Namaskar A to fit their practice level. For example, the sequence can be modified by holding some of the poses longer than one breath, practicing lunges when stepping forward and backward or practicing hand stands as the transition to and from downward facing dog. The possibilities are endless! We hope you’ll join us in our flow and power yoga classes to learn the many variations and benefits of the Sun Salutation sequence. Join us in our celebration of spring by saluting the sun!

As a way to get you back into your yoga practice since we’ve been closed – extendYoga is offering this class FREE on Saturday, March 17th at 1pm.  Be sure to sign up online: HERE or call the studio: 301.881.3330 to reserve your spot!

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*Link to pose names and descriptions of the full sequence:

Please note: While there are many benefits of practicing sun salutations there are also possible pitfalls. If you have injuries, especially in the shoulders, wrists, or feet, you should ask your instructor for modifications or forego practicing poses within the sequence that you cause discomfort. 


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