Inversions Made Easy w/ Krista Block

Sat, Feb 28: 11am-1pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  All levels welcome.

Sign up here.

Inversions have a reputation for being among the most challenging poses in yoga, but when broken down and practiced with intention it becomes evident these postures are steeped in the fundamentals. This workshop will use drills, demos, discussion, and practice-time to break down headstand, fore-arm stand, and handstand, including their modifications, variations, and next steps. You’ll learn how to prep your body for an inversion practice, ways to build the strength and awareness necessary for going upside-down, and how to do these poses mindfully for ultimate progress. Hot topics such as how to ween yourself away from the wall and wrist maintenance will also be covered. Great for beginners and experienced inverters alike!

Inversions Made Easy Feb 28: 11am-1pm

Inversions Made Easy Feb 28: 11am-1pm


Infant Massage Series w/ Roni Zelivinski

Thursdays: March 5, 12, 19, 26: 11:30am-12:30pm

Age Range: 6 weeks to pre-crawling 

Cost: $90 per parent(s)/baby (drop-ins not available – you must sign up for all 4 sessions)

Pre-registration required, space is limited.  Sign up here.

A four week long workshop series for you and your baby to learn massage together! Mama and/or Dad learn to read babies cues, understand their cries and alertness states, and how to communicate with baby on a physical, verbal and intuitive level; while baby learns that he/she is respected, loved, honored, and cared for. Throughout our four weeks together you will learn various massage techniques for baby which blend styles of Swedish massage, Indian massage, and yoga. You will also have the opportunity to practice on baby dolls if your little one is asleep. We will have time for open discussion, reviewing the massage strokes, questions, adaptations for older siblings if desired, rhymes and riddles to sing to baby and a celebration potluck on our last class together!

This class is entirely baby-led. The best lesson massage teaches us is how to listen to one another and our babies through their body and facial cues. Holding a baby who is upset, nursing, and diaper changing are all encouraged and honored and there will be comfortable space for you to do all that you need to make sure baby is happy. We will review strokes and provide worksheets of all of the songs and massages so all parents are caught up each week.
Complimentary bottle of oil, folder with handouts, baby dolls, blankets, mats, towels, tea and snacks will be provided. 
Can’t wait to see you soon!

Infant Massage 4 week Series: March 5-26

Infant Massage 4 week Series: March 5-26


How to Grow a Lotus: Safe and Effective Hip Opening for Everyone w/ Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Saturday, March 7: 3pm-5pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

Lotus pose is a deep hip opener that looks simple and serene.  Doesn’t buddha look peaceful sitting under that tree in lotus pose?  In reality, Padmasana is a tricky, advanced and deep hip opener, which requires an enormous amount of mobility in your hip joints and can be potentially dangerous for your knees.  Not so tranquil anymore.
Learn the most effective ways to safely prepare your body for lotus pose.  You’ll learn how to optimally move from your hips, rather than your knees, as you begin to fold into the basic form of this pose.  You’ll create the circumstances for a pain-free, stress-free and drama-free lotus, no matter how far you get into the pose today.  There will be no forcing and no pushing of your hips or knees here.  Instead you’ll nourish your body with increasingly deep hip openers to awaken your hips, as well as ankle and foot stretching to support your pose from the roots up into the flower.
Today might simply be an entry way into a deeper, more conscious lotus pose practice.  Even if your body isn’t quite there yet today, you’ll have lots of good lotus homework to keep you working with this pose safely and sweetly at home.
Plant the seeds in this workshop today for a lotus that grows and floats with beauty and grace.

Lotus workshop: Sat, March 7: 3-5pm

Lotus workshop: Sat, March 7: 3-5pm

yoga, mimi reiger

Power & Grace: A Master Practice w/ Mimi Rieger

Sunday, March 15: 3pm-5pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

Flow and Soar! Embracing and celebrating her diverse movement background, Mimi Rieger will guide you through her challenging and inspirational signature master sequence set to a cool, atmospheric soundscape.  Integrating the strength of Ashtanga Yoga, the intelligence of Budokon, the graceful fluidity of dance and her love of music, students will encounter an expressive, creative and powerful practice. Students will experience a heat inducing, strong standing series, complete with advanced asana and sophisticated transitions followed by comprehensive floor work including core cultivation, twists, backbends, and inversions.  Best suited to intermediate students and above.

Power & Grace Master Practice: March 15, 3pm

Power & Grace Master Practice: March 15, 3pm


Spring Equinox Flow: Renew & Transform w/ Nina Stanger

Sat, March 21: 11am-1pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

Come and celebrate the Spring Equinox with a joyful and lighthearted yoga practice. Together we will move and breathe in ways that align us with the renewal and rebirth happening in the natural world. Seeds are planted, flowers buds turn to blossoms, and animals that have been hibernating all winter begin to wake up and meet the longer days ahead. We, too, can greet this season of rebirth with a renewed spirit and attunement to light. Let’s celebrate the sunshine and all that it brings. This workshop will include asana and meditation.

Spring Equinox: Sat, March 21: 11am

Spring Equinox: Sat, March 21: 11am


Yoga Playtime: Backbends Made More Fun (with two Yogis who aren’t big fans)!

w/ Lika Elwood & Daisy Whittemore

Sunday, March 29: 2-4pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

Do backbends bum you out or make you nervous?  Do you always opt for bridge pose when it’s time for backbends in class?  Is it hard for you to press up into wheel?  Or maybe you just want to learn more about how to make your backbends better?

Join Lika and Daisy—two yogis who don’t claim backbends as their favorites—for a playful workshop to make better friends with backbends in your practice. We will help you understand and work on what parts of you that need opening, and what parts of you need strengthening.  We’ll explore why it’s important to tap into the not-so-favorite poses and why/how they can help your practice in general.  We also hope to bring a little more levity to your backbend practice, both in body and spirit.

It will actually be fun.  We promise.  Join us!

All levels welcome.

Yoga Playtime: Backbends Made More Fun: March 29

Yoga Playtime: Backbends Made More Fun: March 29

lunar flow image_about



FRIDAY, APRIL 3: 8pm-10pm

Cost: $30 per person, pre-registration required.  Sign up here.

Amplify your practice and recharge your spirit beneath the influences of the Full Moon. The moon is considered a source of great wisdom, and represents our intuition, emotions and creativity.

Join Sara for an invigorating, but slower-paced, meditative Vinyasa flow, enriched with Moon Salutations (or Chandra Namaskar) to cultivate balance, openness and peace. Class is suitable for all levels, though a familiarity with Vinyasa is recommended.

We’ll be joined in our practice by local musician Bill Jenkins.

Full Moon Flow with Live Music! April 3: 8pm

Full Moon Flow with Live Music! April 3: 8pm


Mama Hour Classes w/ Roni Zelivinski*

Thursdays: April 9, 16, 23, 30: 11:30am-12:30pm

Age Range: 6 weeks to pre-crawling 

Cost: $80 per parent(s)/baby for all four classes.  $25 to drop in individually to class.

Sign up here (pick all 4 classes or single class).  Pleases pre-purchase, space is limited.

*It is recommended that all Mamas get medical clearance before exercising 6-8 weeks after delivery

A time for new Mamas to practice yoga and have baby right by their side. Instead of searching for babysitters and caretakers, we will have a very open, nurturing space where both Mamas and babies are welcome. We will flow through a warming, rejuvanating and toning Vinyasa practice, while babies can hang out in carseats, blankets or playmats around the room.  A totally safe and open space for you to nurture and comfort your baby as needed, but also an opportunity to take advantage of naptime and squeeze in a yoga practice just for yourself. We will have 45 minutes of yoga for Mama and then an optional 15 minutes of infant massage, baby yoga, and mother-baby meditation.  A peaceful time for Mamas to call their own, for babies to relax, and for mothers and babies to have snuggly fun together.

Mama Hour classes: April 9-30

Mama Hour classes: April 9-30


Spring Cleanse for the Soul w/ Linda Naini

Sunday, April 12: 2:30pm-4:30pm

$30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

In this workshop you will be guided to recognize, allow, and shed some of the thoughts, feelings and actions that are creating clutter in your life. Cleansing yourself of these toxic elements will allow space for new possibilities and growth.

This workshop will include:

  • light movement (~15 minutes)
  • two part guided visualization and meditation (~45 minutes)
  • self inquiry, reflection, journaling, and intention setting (~30 minutes)
  • discussion, questions, sharing (~30 minutes)

Wear comfortable clothing for movement, sitting, and lying down. Blankets and bolsters will be provided.  Pen, pencil and paper will also be provided.

All are welcome.  No former experience is required.  

Spring Cleanse for the Soul: Sun, April 12, 2:30-4:30pm

Spring Cleanse for the Soul: Sun, April 12, 2:30-4:30pm

ayurvedaCooking - LeslieKJordan

Ayurveda 101: Self Discovery and Yoga Play w/ Leslie & Krystal!

Saturday, April 18: 11am-1pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  All levels welcome.  Sign up here.

The attributes of our bodies and minds are closely associated with our lifestyles and our environment.  In the 1st half of this discovery workshop, Leslie and Krystal will lead you through the nature of Ayurveda, teach you to identify your body type (your constitution) and further educate you on appropriate lifestyle modifications, including the energetics of our foods.

In the 2nd half of the workshop, we’ll practice three unique yoga sequences to enhance human performance based on body type to improve our energy levels, stress management and overall well-being.  All levels are welcome.  No prior Ayurvedic knowledge/experience necessary.

Ayurveda 101 Workshop: April 18 11-1pm

Ayurveda 101 Workshop: April 18 11-1pm


Flowing into Sweet Stillness Workshop w/ Lika Elwood & Daisy Whittemore

Sunday, April 26: 2-4pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

This nourishing practice strikes a beautiful balance of power and play, movement and stillness, strength and relaxation, leaving you refreshed and at peace. Lika will lead an energizing, challenging and grounding vinyasa flow, encouraging students to find both the power and the play in their practice. Daisy will follow with a guided savasana, known as Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep), a form of meditation that leads awareness though various levels of mental process, settling the nervous system and cultivating an inner sanctuary of well-being, calmness, and clarity.  Join us!

Flowing into Sweet Stillness: Sun April 26: 2-4pm

Flowing into Sweet Stillness: Sun April 26: 2-4pm


Chatturanga Clinic w/ Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Saturday, May 16: 3pm-5pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here.

Use your yoga practice to build strength, as well as flexibility.  Chatturanga is a pose you’ll encounter many times in a single class, as well as thousands of times over the course of your lifelong yoga journey.  Take this workshop to ensure that you are practicing your chatturanga optimally and safely.  Chatturanga is commonly known as the “shoulder shredder” because even a slight misalignment in hands or shoulders can lead to a major injury in the rotator cuffs, pecs and neck, as well as the shoulder joint itself.
In this afternoon workshop, you’ll learn the best alignment for your body in chatturanga, as well as how to practice safely when you are recovering from a shoulder, wrist or low back injury.  You’ll also learn steps to strengthen and refine your own chatturanga so that you can hold the pose longer and stronger than ever before.  You’ll also have an opportunity to work your new and improved chatturanga into your familiar vinyasa sequence, so you can start to practice the Dog-Plank-Chatturanga-Cobra corridor with more efficacy and ease.
Chatturanga is also one of the most essential building blocks for arm balancing, so we’ll use this pose today as a stepping stone to work on some of those chatturanga-based arm balances.
Consider this workshop as an important chapter in your yoga adventures which will lead you into a new dimension of your yoga awesomeness!

Chatturanga Clinic: Sat, May 16: 3-5pm

Chatturanga Clinic: Sat, May 16: 3-5pm

kids-around-world-10287661 1013023_636309549714469_623945253_n

extendYoga Kids Camp: WORLD YOGA TOUR! (AGES 5-9)

with Roni Zelivinski & Arlet Koseian

Aug 3-7: 9:30am-2:30pm

Cost: $180 (early bird special through June 15) per child*

$200 per child (after June 15)*

Sibling discount: $10 off each sibling (contact studio for details)

Pre-registration is required, limited space.  Sign up/purchase here.
During this summer’s camp, we are traveling around the world!  Come join us for our week long yoga camp, worldwide adventure!  We will be visiting everywhere from the French farm countryside to the depths of the Columbian amazon rainforest, up to the frozen North Pole and a few other countries and regions too!  Along the way we will strike themed yoga poses, play yoga games, create beautiful art, learn about the environment (and how we can preserve it), journal, and participate in community service projects.  Our days will be full of cultural experiences– listening to the rhythms of music, talking about ecosystems, learning about traditions and tasting flavors from around the world!  We cannot wait to explore the world with you!

*After care available:
2:30pm-4pm: $15 per child.  Purchase after care here (please purchase at least 48 hrs in advance).
late pick up fee (after 2:30pm): $10 per 30 min, without prorating

click on the photos below for previous camp photos!

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extendYoga Kids Camp: World Yoga Tour (ages 5-9) Aug 3-7

extendYoga Kids Camp: World Yoga Tour (ages 5-9) Aug 3-7

extendYoga 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Program ~ Fall 2015
Whether you are interested in learning about the art of teaching yoga or would like to deepen your own practice, extendYoga’s 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Program will prepare you to empower yourself and others on the path of self-transformation.  As we explore the history of yoga, yoga philosophy, and the anatomical and energetic aspects of the human body, you will have the unique opportunity to study the ancient practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation and discover a deeper understanding of yoga and its relevance in modern day life.

Click here for a full description/more info/dates/details.

class_new to yoga?

As part of the extendYoga YTT Program, you will be immersed in a meaningful and supportive community environment that will facilitate learning, cultivate growth and foster life-long connections. Our program is committed to your evolution as a yoga teacher and practitioner.  We feel that it is essential to lead a well-rounded, rich, diverse and comprehensive training program.

During our time together, you will be given all the tools needed to successfully take the seat of the teacher with confidence and enthusiasm.  Outside of scheduled training hours, you will expand your self-awareness and knowledge of yoga through self-study, group projects, selected readings and assignments, class observation, assisting, practice-teaching, and individual seva (community service) projects; as well as by meeting with your program trainers and mentors.

Be prepared to work hard and extend beyond your comfort zone so that you can reach your full potential as a teacher and student. And most importantly, be prepared to discover your own unique gifts and learn how to share them with others.  Are you ready?

Click here for a full description/more info/dates/details.

Teacher Training Info Session – date TBD
Interested in Yoga Teacher Training and/or deepening your yoga practice?  Not sure if you want to teach yoga or sign up for a training?  No problem, that’s what this session is all about!  Join us at our Yoga Teacher Training Program info session.  Ask questions, meet our teachers, and chat with other potential like-minded trainees to see if this training is right for you.  We’ll share a brief overview of the program, important dates and details.  Bring your questions, enthusiasm and enjoy some light refreshments too.

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Program Oct 2015

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Program Oct 2015