harmonium photoMyths, Mantras & Asana: Ganesh ~ w/ Andrea Creel

Sunday, Feb 26: 3-5pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).

Ever feel like there’s something in the way of achieving what you want?  A challenge that could be overcome if only you had a little extra help? Maybe all you need is a little assistance from Ganesh!

Ganesh is the loveable Elephant from yogic mythology who is said to help us to remove obstacles in our path and reveal new possibilities in our lives.  This unique workshop will combine the power of story, movement, and vibrational sound healing practices to help us move obstacles out of our way and gain a new perspective on those pesky problems in our lives.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Explore the story of Ganesh as a metaphor for drawing on the power inside of us to remove obstacles in our path to happiness and help us see new possibilities and solutions to challenges in our lives
  • Learn sacred Sanskrit mantras associated with Ganesh that help to open the mind and plant the seeds to the solutions for our problems
  • Flow through a playful vinyasa practice full of balancing and hip opening poses as we build towards crow (bakasana) and flying crow (eka pada galavasana)
  • Explore a guided meditation practice designed to help you let go of thoughts that are holding you back and uncover new perspectives.

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