unknownYoKid Teacher Certification & Training

August 25-27, 2017

Why choose YoKid?
The YoKid teacher training is practical and informative. We teach simple yet amazing tools
that can be easily implemented with kids and teens of ALL backgrounds. The teacher training
program is grounded in yoga philosophy and inspired by the thousands of children who
participate in YoKid yoga classes each school year. This training is registered with Yoga Alliance
and can be used for both CEUs and Children’s yoga certification. It may also be approved for
professional development credit for educators.

The weekend course can be taken in its entirety or as individual courses of your
choice as listed below:

Yoga Philosophy for Kids: August 25 ($115)
Learn fundamental yoga philosophy and how it pertains to childhood development and the
chakras. In this segment of the training you will also learn ways to teach guided relaxation,
pranayama, and meditation to school-aged children in grades K-12.

Teaching K-5th Graders Yoga: August 26 ($215)
Our practical and informative training will provide you with what you need to teach
traditional and non-traditional poses and teach you age appropriate language and methods
for creating a fun, yet calming environment for kids. You will also learn effective methods of
classroom management and stages of child development in order to modify, differentiate,
and make your instruction appropriate for all children.

Teaching 6th-12th Graders Yoga: August 27 ($215)
Inspired by the Ashtanga primary series, you will learn to teach traditional hatha poses, and
partner poses. This Ashtanga teen series will give you the foundation you need to
challenging yet calming environment for teens. Topics covered include: methodologies,
practice teaching, behavior management, asana, and pranayama.

For more information e-mail Ltashjian@yokid.org or visit www.yokid.org to
register today.  Please note: training takes place at extendYoga.  All payments/sign up is through YoKid (scroll to August).