Arlet Koseian was ready for a change.

Living in New York City and working hard to climb the corporate ladder, Arlet began thinking about what her life would be like if she became her own boss.

“I loved living in New York, but it was taking its toll on me,” Arlet says. “I started feeling like I was ready to do my own thing. Around this time, I discovered yoga.”

What started as a way to reduce stress in her life grew into the inspiration for her business, extendYoga, which recently celebrated it’s anniversary.

Arlet will be the first to tell you, success didn’t come easy. “The only way to get better and be the best is through failures, lots of failures,” she says.

But rather than letting the fear of failure hold her back, Arlet approaches challenges head-on.

This has been the key to building a successful business with a loyal following of yoga fans and has also helped her overcome her biggest marketing challenges.

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