Working Up a Sweat with Extend Yoga

My Friday evenings… they’re pretty lame. Usually, I just do a little Netflix and chill, or OnDemand and chill. It’s pretty lame. If I want to mix it up, I might get something for dinner, or drink a glass of wine. It’s seriously unimaginative.

A couple of weeks ago, my coworker Bertha told me about a yoga class she’s been attending on Fridays after work. She told me that the classes were great, but, perhaps most importantly, they only cost $5. That’s right, people! A $5 YOGA CLASS! Who knew they existed?

I decided to do a little research online before making up my mind on whether to break my super exciting Friday tradition for yoga. The studio is called Extend Yoga, and they have a great website, which made it pretty simple to conduct some preliminary research on their Friday classes.

What I confirmed first is that they did, indeed, have a $5 yoga class on Friday. Not only that, but they offer a few $5 and $10 classes throughout the week. I work during the day, so I can’t take advantage of most of them, but it’s still nice to know that the option exists. Read full post here