Natalia Marie (formerly known as Alicia C)

Natalia Marie (formerly known as Alicia), is an alchemist, firekeeper, international yoga instructor, RYT 500, and clairsentient empath. She holds an extensive background involving mystical wisdom, modern scientific revelations, and holistic practices. Natalia began her spiritual journey almost ten years ago while visiting Vietnam to learn an ancient meditation technique. This trip came at a crucial point in her life, as she had just gone through a divorce and lost her grandmother to cancer. The techniques and wisdom she gained on her trip sparked an inner revelation to deeply heal past traumas.

Natalia left her corporate job in 2014, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has since devoted her life to the mission of inspiring others to unearth their true potential. She offers a wide variety of yoga instruction ranging from beginner to advanced, including vinyasa, restorative, yin, and trauma sensitive yoga.  Today, Natalia lives in the Washington metropolitan area and travels the world leading yoga retreats, teacher training programs, and workshops. She practices and seeks only what brings her closer to her most authentic divine nature and inspires her clients to live a life of levitating sovereignty.