Dorota Preysnar

Dorota is a RYT-500, she started practicing yoga in 2007 and teaching full-time in 2012. She was drawn to yoga simply out of curiosity of trying out something new. She was quickly drawn into practicing regularly because of simply how good she felt after yoga. Dorota likes to shares the benefits of yoga with her students. She also likes to incorporate fun into her classes where she might make you hold the goddess pose and move your hips to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On. Her playful spirit is interwoven into her classes. After the birth of her son, she also started teaching kids yoga and received her certification in kids’ yoga from Child Light Yoga. Sometime she will incorporate some kids’ yoga songs into her regular classes as well, to lighten up the room full of adults.

Dorota is currently taking a break from teaching as she works on her Master’s degree but she still tries to practice as regularly as she can to keep her sanity between a full-time job, graduate school, and her family.