What We’re Loving

26 Sep, 2012

what we’re loving- the latest yoga blog posts

Here are some of our favorite recent articles! Spinach and Yoga posted 10 Belly Friendly Snacks for Sensitive and Bloated Tummies. Yoganonymous blogged: Yoga Research: Five proven Facts that Make Yoga Awesome.  Sounds like a great article to send your friends that aren't convinced about the amazing benefits of yoga! Want to know How to [...]

19 Sep, 2012

what we’re loving: latest links from the yogi blogosphere

Today we're sending you the best from all our yoga blogs this week...Enjoy! Feel like you're always running from somewhere to get to your yoga class?  We love this post about the 3 Must Haves for Yogis On-The-Go. I haven't made the switch from iced cofee to hot coffee yet (my official "summer's over" moment), [...]

13 Sep, 2012

what we’re loving: events coming up!

What we're loving today:  Our awesome instructors at extendYoga.  We have a studio party this weekend (photos to follow), and we're so excited to have (almost) all our awesome teachers in one room at the same time.   We're highlighting some of our instructors events and workshops below - enjoy! Pratyahara Retreat (with Sarah Thomas [...]

6 Sep, 2012

FREE YOGA at the Central Farm Markets in Rockville

Tuesday, September 5, 2012 That's right.  Yoga and Local, FRESH food. On Sat, September 15th, extendYoga's pairing up with the Central Farm Markets, Rockville Pike location and offering two COMPLIMENTARY yoga classes.  The sessions will take place on the grassy area in the middle of the market.  The first class is from 10:30am - 11:15am [...]

30 Aug, 2012

what we’re loving: yogaga

My personal favorite brand of nail polish has come up with a "fitness collection" of nail polishes.  The Essie colors are always fresh and beautiful, but the name is what seals the deal.  One of my friends only chooses her colors by the names,  she's always proud to know the exact color she's wearing. I [...]

22 Aug, 2012

what we’re loving: giving back

August 22, 2012 "Never worry about numbers.  Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."  ~Mother Teresa Today's post is about giving; giving back, and giving to your community.  When we decided on the location of extendYoga we LOVED the space.  It was open and provided a clean slate [...]

15 Aug, 2012

what we’re loving: links from the yoga blogosphere

Today's What We're Loving is focused on the latest from the yoga blogosphere.  Check out the links below, happy reading! Like to golf?  Here's 3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Golf Game. Scorpio?  Aries?  Namastillo shows your your YogaScope for the month of August.  If your summer's been like mine, you've been travelling everywhere!  I [...]

8 Aug, 2012

what we’re loving: sugar busting

Today's What We're Loving is dedicated to sugar busting.    Here are some of our favorite articles this week about sugar myths, sugar addiction and how to kick the habit. Cereal is one of the most processed foods available; many are loaded with carbs and lacking in fiber.  Avoid cereal - its recommended to eat [...]

1 Aug, 2012

what we’re loving: olympics edition

The Olympics are everywhere - and if you're like me, you're probably frusterated with social media lately for all the spoiler alerts throughout the day on the events and outcomes.  Is anyone else finding it impossible to watch the games at night without knowing who won already? While watching the games I'm so impressed with [...]

18 Jul, 2012

what we’re loving: jewelry, candles, music & more!

These Zen Bracelets are adorable on their own, and look great stacked too!  Check out Blooming Lotus Jewelry here.  My personal favorite is the yellow jade with the elephant charm. I need to take a yoga class with this playlist.   You had me at David Gray. These candles are soy and handmade by Array of Aromas. [...]

27 Jun, 2012

what we’re loving

happy Wednesday yogis! These flip flops are awesome - and I have to admit, I'm a sucker for anything DIY.  Learn how to make these studded flip flops here.   This concept is straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie.   Check out this high tech tank top that will give you a subtle nudge [...]

20 Jun, 2012

yoga art, what foods cool you, hot but not

Right in the middle of a HOT week  - see what we're loving this week... Want some yoga art in your life?  We love this post by lo over at Namastillo...My favorite is "With my Whole Heart".  For more information and where/how to purchase head on over to Namastillo.   The heat is certainly here - [...]