Repped – Inclusive Yoga Series

Repped – Inclusive Yoga Series:

It is our sacred duty to make yoga accessible and welcoming for all. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and equity in our community. As part of our continuing efforts, we are offering a class celebrating underrepresented and underserved communities: Repped – Inclusive Yoga Series.

Repped classes are led by and will center members of these communities. It will be a time for practitioners to celebrate and recharge in a space dedicated to themselves and their unique experiences. Allies and friends are welcome to join in practice, in joy, and in unity. Please be mindful that the space has been cultivated by and for a specific community. As a valued practitioner, please be aware of your role as observer, listener, and student.

🧕🏾Current Repped Series: Muslim Communities, led by Muslim Teachers (Women Only)*:

Sun, March 19th: Amani Elkassabany – Slow Flow @ 1pm-2:15pm
Sun, March 26: Linda Naini – Mindfulness Meditation @ 1pm-2:15pm
Sun, April 2nd: Zahra Abbassi – Restorative @ 1pm-2:15pm
*Women’s Only Class: These classes are specially designed to provide space to Muslim women to practice with or without hijab.

All of the above classes are 1pm-2:15pm (March 19, 26, April 2)

☮️Upcoming Repped Series April 16-30: Centering Latinx communities, led by Latinx Teachers:
Domingo, 16 de abril: Erica Baca: Vinyasa Yoga en español*
Domingo, 23 de abril: Camila Graim: Vinyasa Yoga en español*
Sunday, April 30th: Erica Baca: Vinyasa Flow (English)

* These Classes will be in taught in Spanish.
*Estas clases serán en español. Desliza hacia abajo para ver la descripción de cada clase.

💙Future Repped Series:
May 7-28 AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander)
June 4-25: LGBTQIA+

🤎Previous Repped Series:
Black Communities, led by Black Teachers: Ayanna Wells, Toni Thomas, Tupa Hoveka, Marquette Heaven, Alexis Reed (Feb 5th-March 12th)

All classes are all levels. No prior experience is required.

  • Check the online schedule to learn more about who’s leading class and the class description (style of class).
  • Each session is 75 minutes. This will include at least a 60 minute practice. A portion of the session may be used for other group activities at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Teachers will be compensated at our regular studio class rates. If you would like to add an additional donation to support the teachers, reach out to the studio or contact the teacher directly.

Financial Accessibility:
In efforts to minimize any possible barriers to attending, either reach out to us, or take advantage of our “Karma Pass” (5 classes for $50). This pass can be purchased once per calendar month and expires 60 days after purchase.

Additional pricing information:

Class descriptions for Muslim Community series: March 19, March 26, April 2: Muslim (Women Only)*:

*Women’s Class: These classes are specially designed to provide space to Muslim women to practice with or without hijab.

Sun, March 19th @ 1pm: Amani Elkassabany – Slow Flow:
As part of extendYoga’s Repped Series, this class is tailored to the needs of Muslim women (though all women are welcome), creating space for all to practice with or without hijab.  This class will focus especially on preparing our bodies, minds, and spirits for the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Slow Flow yoga combines intentional breathing, flowing movement, and meditation to carefully explore each posture while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm.  We will make time and space for breathing and moving between postures to allow body awareness, inner strength, and easeful opening.

Sun, March 26 @ 1pm: Linda Naini (she/her) – Mindfulness Meditation:
All women are welcome and this class has been specially designed for Muslim women as we move through Ramadan. It is a woman-only space to provide covering women the option to participate without hijab. We will explore cornerstone principles of Islam that are also fundamental precepts of mindfulness. There will be periods of guided meditation, mindful movement, journaling, and sharing in small groups.  

Sun, April 2nd @ 1pm: Zahra Abbassi (sher/her) – Restorative:
All women are welcome but this class has been specially designed for the Muslim woman experience and will center around the spiritual elements of Ramadan. It is a woman-only space to provide covering women the option to practice without hijab.

A meditative experience for both the mind and body! Restorative poses require little or no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes. Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, your connective tissues have the opportunity to stretch and release. Though you will receive intentional guidance during the class to notice any thoughts of sensations arising in your body; this is a practice of silence and stillness. Participants leave feeling grounded, well rested, and nourished; with a new cultivated awareness. No yoga or meditation experience is needed.

Classes de yoga en español:
Domingo, 16 de abril: Erica Baca: Vinyasa Yoga en español
Domingo, 23 de abril: Camila Graim: Vinyasa Yoga en español

Vinyasa Flow:
En esta clase de Vinyasa Flow sincronizarás la respiración con el movimiento. Los estudiantes se enfocarán en vincular la respiración consciente con un flujo consciente. En una clase de Vinyasa los alumnos despiertan su fuerza, energía y flexibilidad en un ambiente divertido. Todos los niveles son bienvenidos