Kim Groark

Kim Groark (she/her): I began practicing traditional yoga in 1996, a time in my life when I was experiencing debilitating depression. From the first class, I knew I had landed on my path of healing. I started teaching seven years later in 2003, after receiving my certification at City Yoga in Los Angeles. I’ve opened two successful yoga studios in Maryland, Thrive Yoga and Sacred Space Yoga. Over the span of twenty-two years, I’ve experienced for myself and witnessed in others, the transformative power of a consistent yoga practice-from breaking addictions to healing chronic disease, to improving relationships or making a career change, yoga offers us a way towards greater balance, wholeness and joy. A born and raised island girl from Oahu, I am inspired by the ocean and the fluidity of vinyasa yoga. This informs my teaching style which is rooted in the vinyasa lineage, but also inclusive of different modalities such as traditional Hatha practices and pranayama. Within each class, I include all categories of postures for a full spectrum experience and offer modifications so that they make sense for YOU.

As in life, we often go into autopilot mode on the mat—as a teacher, I will challenge you to stay present by bringing in new elements to explore. I try to keep it real, keep it fresh, and most importantly, create a space where we can all be who we are as we pursue this universal path of conscious living.