Sara Clash-Drexler


Having always lived an active lifestyle– as an athlete, a dancer, and a lover of all things outdoors– Sara discovered yoga more than a decade ago to let go of stress as a young lawyer. Over the past several years, her connection with and passion for yoga deepened, as she discovered the ways in which it combined her love of athletics and dance, while calming her busy working-mom mind like nothing else. In 2019, thanks to encouragement from inspiring teachers, she took the leap into teacher training, which she now sees as the greatest gift she ever gave to herself. While she remains a passionate civil rights lawyer by day and a busy mother of two, becoming a yoga teacher has truly been a new lease on life. She is excited to share her passion with others through invigorating flows with an emphasis on breath and fluidity, that allow her students space to be playful, to let go, and to discover their own inner and outer strength.