Stephanie Meni


Steph was first introduced to yoga as a young ballerina seeking cross training to improve her flexibility and strength.  While the physical benefits of the practice brought her to yoga, what kept her coming back to her mat was the opening of mind and soul that took her completely by surprise.

Since receiving her 200-Hour Vinyasa training in 2014, Steph’s teaching style has continued to grow and evolve under the influence of so many beautiful styles and teachers of this practice we all love. Today, Steph’s classes are centered around helping student’s find opening and lightness of spirit to take with them off the mat. Her classes use alignment focused cueing and creative sequencing to provide both a safe and playful space for yogis to challenge and explore mind, body, and spirit freely.  Most of all, Steph hopes to help yogis unlock the blinding light, love, and joy that is waiting to burst from each of us!