Zahra Abbassi(she/her)

Teacher, Repped Co-Founder & Repped Teacher, Teacher Training

Zahra (500 E-RYT, YACEP) spent the first half of her life as an academic. Yoga introduced some much needed balance into that equation and was her constant companion throughout graduate career. She is enthralled by the multi-dimensionality of the yoga practice- especially how the physical practice can be used as a tool to go further within the Self.

Zahra enjoys teaching a powerful and mindful yoga class with unique sequences and functional movements. Her goal in each class is to create a space where students feel safe and supported so they, as she says in class, “take ownership of the practice and do the things that feel right”. Zahra’s teaching philosophy is deeply informed by her own yoga journey- she wants people to walk out of her class with a smile and a sense of empowerment.

Zahra is committed to creating inclusive, just spaces where all feel welcome and celebrated as they are. She is also a strength training coach (CF-L1) and believes passionately in the complementary roles of yoga and strength training in creating a foundation of mental and physical health for longevity and prosperity. Zahra has most recently studied with Jason Crandell.