alter with an altar

Today’s blog post is from Linda Naini, MPH, CCRP (yogi, wellness coach, meditation teacher, health analyst, and my friend).  You can find Linda leading her Rooted In Bliss meditation classes every 1st Sunday of the month from 5:30pm-6:20pm or offering one of her unique workshops at extendYoga.

We live in a day and age where it’s very easy to move through the days, weeks, and even years of our lives without connecting to our most authentic self. Going to bed each night feeling great because we checked off everything on our to do list or feeling stressed because there was so much left to do on the list, only to realize years later that the lists had nothing to do with what was most important to us. Our heart’s desires were left unfulfilled in our haste to get things done.

They say that the way you live today is the way you live your life. So how are you living your life? Have you had time for authenticity and connection today?

One way to reconnect with this magical being that is the authentic you is by coming back to the present moment, dropping your attention back into this body and this breath. There are many paths that can help us to reconnect with our heart and spirit. And one that I find helpful is an altar.

What is an altar?
An altar is many things to many people. For me, it’s a dedicated space for reflection, meditation, or prayer.  It’s a refuge from the external world and a place I can come to for guidance, support, and comfort.


It’s also a visual reminder to go within and touch back into your most genuine self, your inner voice, or higher self. Allowing you to surrender to a higher power, whatever that is for you.


Why should I have an altar?
It can add beauty to any space in your life. It also provides a place to reflect on your personal or spiritual priorities. It’s a physical reminder to carve out some time for focusing on your intentions. It can be dedicated to honoring Divine energies, expressing gratitude, or giving and receiving blessings.

How do I make an altar?
There is no right or wrong way to make an altar. It can be as small and simple or as large and elaborate as you would like. You can also have more than one altar. I personally have one at work, one in my bedroom, another in the living room, and an outdoor mini zen garden/altar in my balcony. Pick a place that feels right for you. Places where you can sit in quiet contemplation and won’t be disturbed will usually work best.

Follow your intuition when deciding what should be included on your altar. Think about your intention for creating an altar and choose items that reflect and support your intention.

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Some items you might want to include on your altar:



-fresh flowers

-prayer beads


-spiritual images or items






Once you’ve made your inviting sacred space, use it. This could mean anything from meditating for thirty minutes every day and night to pausing a moment and taking a conscious inhalation and exhalation in front of your altar. Do what works for you at any given time and remember that this is all a practice. There is no perfect way to do it. What’s important is your loving intention.

Want more?
Join us this Sunday from 1:30pm-3:30pm where you will meditate, get clear on your intentions, and create your own unique altar using the provided supplies and materials. No experience necessary. All are welcome!

linda-naini-1024x680Linda is passionate about helping clients of all ages live their best and most authentic life. As a certified Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher, she loves creating and offering fun, effective, and focused coaching and meditation programs for groups and individuals that combine research-proven techniques with ancient traditions from around the globe. She also offers private coaching and meditation sessions via telephone, skype, or in person at Rooted In Bliss in North Bethesda, Maryland.