babies, birthdays & besties

It’s been a wild month… like really.  Between all the snow days, the f#$%^#% polar vortex, valentine’s day, cupid’s undie run and mercury retrograde— I don’t know which end is up!

Yet, in the midst of all the maddness and moving at warp speeds, there have also been several moments where time stands still– particularly with numerous events that happened over the last several weeks.  Not only in my life, but in the lives of some of my besties (my best friends).  Sometimes it takes a big life-changing event to make you stop and smell the roses.

As I was looking through my photos, I realized I have met 4 new babies over the course of 5 weeks.  Not to mention, several run-ins with other babies between the ages of 3 months-1 year old.  If that’s not enough, my partner in crime and long time BFF has one on the way!

In addition to so many babies coming into the world, it was practically everyone’s birthday; my birthday, my BFF of almost 20 years; Lora’s bday, my yoga teacher friends: Sara CrosbyHetta Welch & Shannon Cady and Michael Jordan (not a yoga teacher) :).

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Where am I going with this, you ask?  Well, as I was holding baby #4 the other day and gazing at his precious eyes and little baby hands and feet– I didn’t know what time it was, I didn’t check my phone, I didn’t care how cold it was outside… I was mesmerized and hypnotized by this little, living thing, all his squirming and those adorable sounds that babies make.

I was reminded by the innocence, purity and honesty of babies.  And how we all start that way when we enter the world: no judgments, no inhibitions, no worries (except for when the next feeding or poopy diaper changing is happening).  So AUTHENTIC and refreshing.

For the rest of that day and next couple days– I reminded myself of all these things and tried to channel my inner baby.  Being stuck at every red light, worrying about bills, having little energy, not crossing enough off my TO DO list– it really doesn’t matter.  Babies don’t have all these “things” bogging them down.  I reminded myself, to stop, chill, breathe and be happy that I am healthy and surrounded by so many who love and care about me.

It’s really not that profound, but had I not made the time to visit these new bundles of joy, I probably would have gotten another camera ticket because I just HAD to get to wherever the hell I was going.  So, next time you’re running around crazy, try to stop and smell the roses… or baby poo.  (gross)

And now… the most adorable photo collection of babies… brace yourselves- my friends make extremely cute tiny humans:


baby: nikhil
bestie: rini (my UMD college roommate)


sienna rose 2

baby: sienna rose
bestie: nicole (friends since the 6th grade & my roommate in NYC)


baby: george bestie: beth (my first college roomie at udel)

baby: george – this guy was born on MY BDAY!!! 🙂
bestie: beth a.k.a “roomie” (my first college roomie at UDEL)


baby: sebastian bestie: lika (my guru & friend)

baby: sebastian
bestie: lika (my guru & friend)


r love

baby: roxanna love
bestie: jarrad (how does it feel that I called you my bestie?!) 😉

baby: drew bestie: pam (friend and owner of allay yoga)

baby: drew
bestie: pam (yogini friend & owner of allay yoga)


maya feb 19

baby: maya
bestie: sara (friend/teacher at extendYoga and funny enough, we actually worked at the same place in college, but met years later)


2/28: New addition to the post.  I met baby Charlie this month as well…


baby: charlie
bestie: daisy a.k.a #yoganag (yogini partner in crime, teacher at extendYoga)


And one on the way!!!…

baby: ??? bestie: emily (we met freshman year of college in UDEL. now she lives in LA :( )

baby: ???
bestie: emily (we met freshman year of college at UDEL and have been BFFs ever since)


How big is your smile right now? 🙂  Happy Friday!!!