fun pose friday: baby crow

Happy Friday yogis! In this week’s fun pose friday we’ll take a look at baby crow. This low-flying pose is a playful variation of crow pose or bakasana.


(pictured above, left to right: friend & kicka*s yogi, Krista Block, showing off her baby crow skillz.  Arlet on the right taking flight in crow pose and the star of the show, front and center: Goûter tonics ***product plug*** we sell those local, organic, vegan, bad boys at extendYoga!)

To get into baby crow, start off in a low squat, known in Sanskrit as malasana. Place your forearms parallel to each other on the floor like you would in dolphin pose.  Spread your fingers wide and press hands down into the mat. Begin hugging your knees in to the outer edges of your upper arms while drawing the belly up and in.

Start to slowly tilt forward, bringing your head closer to the floor.  As your weight shifts into the hands, forearms and elbows, lift one foot off of the floor.

When you’re ready, lift the other foot from the floor. Point your toes and find a focal point on the floor (or smile at the camera). 🙂


Hold for a few breaths, enjoying the strength and power you are summoning to do this pose!

To come out of baby crow, lower your feet back down to the floor and then lift your head back up, returning to malasana.

Benefits of baby crow include:

• Strengthens shoulders and arms

• Stretches the upper back

• Improves balance and concentration

Yoga Journal offers some great tips on baby crow from one of our favorite traveling yogini’s: Kathryn Budig.

See you on the mat!