fun pose friday: fallen triangle

Happy Friday yogis!  This week’s fun pose friday is fallen triangle pose. This posture is a cross between triangle and plank; which requires some arm and of course core strength.


To get into fallen triangle:

  • Lift your right leg up into a down dog split. Tuck your right knee in towards your torso. Reach the knee up towards your left wrist, as you straighten the right leg and place the outer edge of your right foot on the ground outside of your mat. Pivot to the big toe edge of your back foot.
  • Start in downward facing dog.
  • Open up your chest as you elongate your top arm, reaching it up toward the sky. Lift your hips and hold for 5 breaths.
  • Draw the right leg back in and return to downward facing dog. Follow these steps to do the pose on the left side.

If you aren’t able to lift up into fallen angel, bring the shin of your back leg to the ground (and create a little bit of a kick stand).  Try this variation (pictured below) until you build up enough arm strength for the full version.


Benefits of fallen triangle include:

• Strengthens the core, arms and glutes

• Stretches your chest, legs, shoulders, and neck

•  Opens the hips, chest and shoulders, allowing for deeper breathing

Fallen triangle is not recommended for people with rotator cuff injuries or wrist injuries; including carpal tunnel syndrome.

For a quick video tutorial on fallen triangle, check out this link from MSN Health & Fitness 

See you on the mat!