fun pose friday: gate pose

Happy #fridyay yogis! This week’s fun pose friday is gate pose, or parighasana. This posture is a great stretch for the side body as you lengthen one side from the knee all the way to the fingertip.


To get into gate, come up onto your knees. If this is uncomfortable, you can by fold your mat or use a blanket to add more padding and offer support to the knees. Then extend your right leg out to the side with the foot planted flat on the floor. On an exhale, lift the left arm, stretching it up toward the sky, and then begin to bend at the waist, taking the torso to the right side. The palm of the left hand should be facing down as you lengthen out the arm. Allow the right arm to graze down the right leg and lean into the pose.

With each inhale, find length in the back and left arm. Keep the chest open by making sure the arm that is stretched overhead doesn’t come forward in front of the head.


Hold gate pose for 30 to 60 seconds. To come out of the posture, inhale and lift the left arm up toward the ceiling while raising the torso back to center. Bring the right leg in and release the arms out by your sides. Repeat the pose on the opposite side.


Gate pose is not recommended for anyone with severe knee, hip, or shoulder injury or inflammation. Those with knee issues can try doing the pose from a chair, with one knee bent to 90 degrees and the other leg stretched out to the side.

Benefits of gate pose include:

• Stretches your torso, hamstrings, adductor and calf muscles

• Opens your chest

• Promotes digestion and healthy lung function

• Can be helpful for people suffering from respiratory issues like asthma, allergies, and the flu

For more information on gate pose, check out this link from Gaiam TV

Enjoy yogis!  See you on the mat!