fun pose friday: marichyasana I-IV

hi there!  It’s been a while since posting a fun pose friday post.  I’ve got a fun one for you today.  Serving up Marichyasana– 4 ways (1-4 or A-D).  I’ve only explored I and III– let me know what II and IV are like!


Marichi = ray of light

You might find a variation of Marichyasana (referred to 1, 2, 3, 4 or A, B, C, D) in many yoga classes, but you’ll for sure find all 4 in the Ashtanga Primary Series.  note: I’m not a devote ashtangi– so feel free to enlighten me with any thoughts on this post/these poses!

Let’s check out some of the benefits of these poses:

  • Stimulates and also calms the brain
  • Stretches the spine and shoulders
  • Stimulates/massages abdominal organs like the liver and kidneys
  • Improves digestion


Marichyasana I:

tip: Activate the straight leg by flexing the foot and pointing the toes up.

deepen this pose: Forward fold bringing the torso and forehead closer to the straitened leg.

Extend Yoga Arlet-12

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Marichyasana II:

tip: Warm up with poses like Half Lotus, Baddha Konasana and Gomukhasana

deepen: If you are looking for something more challenging – you cray!  (or see IV for a different challenge).


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Marichyasana III:

tip: make sure you’re sitting up nice and tall before taking your twist

deepen: Take a peak (your gaze) back behind you, over your shoulder.  Want more?  Play with a bind– hand on the ground wraps around your back.  Other hand meets the back hand.  Hold on tight!


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Marichyasana IV:

tip: Text me a photo when you do this– I need proof!

deepen: do you see where the toes are peaking out?  I can’t even!  #humanpretzel


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For more Marichyasana party time, check these out:

images: www.ashtangayoga/primary-series/ and google images galore

video of all 4 versions: A-D/