teacher highlight: emma andrews

No fun pose friday post today… but something even better!  A teacher spotlight! Woot, woot!  I love all our teacher’s at extendYoga of course.  There’s something unique and special about each and every one of them.  This month’s spotlight is shining on our very own Emma Andrews!  If I had to describe Emma in a few words, it would be: fun, smart and someone who I’ve always thought has her sh*t together. <– I think that’s is a huge feat; like, for reals!
It’s always fun to learn a little bit more about your teacher’s (and that they actually do things off their yoga mat)!
So here we go, Emma Andrews everyone:
Tell me a little bit about yourself (something we might not know)
I sound American but I grew up in a very British family – and lived in England as a child – so I don’t consider myself entirely American. To complicate the matter I lived in Canada for six years in my early twenties so ‘home’ is never just one place.
Tell me what students can expect in your classes
Alignment. I teach a flow style that incorporates plenty of movement (think: sun salutations), but I think students are surprised by my focus on safe alignment and a slower pace. And I love props.

emma extendyoga2
What is your current favorite yoga pose and why? (a pic of this would be great if you have it)
Since starting an ‘office’ job I’ve been struggling with tight hips and hamstrings – as a result I’m loving moving back and forth from Lizard into Half Splits. Yum.
Other than yoga, what are your passions/favorites?
I set a goal to run ten half marathons in ten years and in March I’m running my 10th…in 6 years!
emma extendyoga
What’s on your iPod?
My yoga students know I’m a sucker for Bon Iver but right now I’ve got Drake on repeat.
emma extendyoga3
You can catch Emma at extendYoga.  We are so excited that she’s teaching a NEW class on every 2nd Sunday of the month: Restorative Yoga!!!  Check the class schedule here.