Donna Martin


Donna Martin, 500 hr -RYT, began her yoga practice over 15 years ago. She walked into a neighborhood yoga studio took the next class offered and went back to this studio 6 days a week for the next 2 years. She has been practicing and studying ever since. Her teaching is rooted in the belief that practice itself is the great teacher. Time with a practice creates a powerful tool: A lens by which to observe oneself (svadhyaya) and through this study begin to see clearly (viveka) deeply seated patterns (samskara) which may no longer serve us thereby creating a new path bit by bit, piece by piece, one breath at a time.  Her teaching philosophy is to guide the students in front of her as they are, on that particular day, in that moment. Her classes incorporate Ashtanga Vinyasa — a traditional practice, committed to a precise coordination of breath, posture and gaze with her emphasis on functional alignment and individualized modifications. She is first and foremost a dedicated student continuing her study in individualized posture alignment and Yoga Therapy. She is grateful to her 2 young children and supportive partner who make everything possible. Donna also leads our Ashtanga Mysore Program.