Nicky Pham(she/they)


Nicky embraced dance & movement at the age of 13, to heal from and combat teen bullying and depression. They’ve dabbled in many different movement arts during their journey – including powerlifting, funk culture, flow arts and fire flow – but was drawn to the healing power of yoga and meditation following an injury in 2014. Making the transition to teacher in 2017, Nicky’s classes are creative explorations of movement as a means of both inner healing and self expression.

Their goal as a creative and movement teacher is to offer brave spaces where others can genuinely tap into their power, find healing through their expressions, get closer to their individual self and step into their roles as a whole.

Nicky is a skilled content marketing and creative specialist in their full-time career. They are the Creative Director of Irresistible Revolution, organizer, yoga teacher and creative based in the DMV area. Their extracurricular activities include pleasure activism, making videos, dancing, and lighting things on fire.