Nicky Pham(they/them/theirs)


Nicky found dance & movement as a healing modality to combat teen bullying and depression since the age of 13. Her explorations in Hip Hop culture found a focus in Popping in 2008. She’s dabbled in many different movement arts during her journey. After a weight lifting injury in 2014, she explored deeply in the practice of yoga and meditation & has been teaching movement since 2017.

An active member of Pyroxotic and Revolutionary Motion, Nicky picked up her first flow prop in 2016, and has been honing in on her skills in object manipulation; she eventually found fire flow as a not only a performance art, but also cathartic release ever since.

Her goal as a creative and movement teacher is to offer safe spaces where others can genuinely tap into their power, find healing through their expressions, get closer to their individual self and step into their roles as a whole.

Nicky’s work has been heavily involved in curating intentional & activism events, as well as facilitating movement & healing workshops, yoga & free-form movement classes. She also has a background in an array of skills such as creative writing, digital media creation, and film production.