the ABC’s of kids yoga

We are so excited for our Kid’s Yoga Camp to start next week!!!  (FYI: we have 1-2 spots left for any last minute kiddies- join us!). Our camp Co-Creator/Director, Roni Zelivinski (is-DA-BEST and), has written a super fun guest blog post for us– all about… 

The ABC’s of Kid’s Yoga – Why Yoga is Essential for Kiddos ~ Letter by Letter

Affirmations: to remind ourselves that we are awesome, amazing, and loved

Breath: learning to use our bellies to breathe and connecting to our breath

Creativity: inventing our own yoga poses and using our imaginations to play and grow

Dance: getting out the wiggles and jiggles to start off class. Nothing like a hokey pokey to loosen up our bodies!

Eco-friendly: opening up our minds to ways we can protect the Earth

Friends: making new friends and interacting with other kiddos

Gratitude: reminding ourselves of all that we have to be thankful for

Healthy: we exercise together without even knowing it, and have yummy healthy snacks

kids yoga

Introspection: noticing how we feel that day and sharing it- all feelings are good feelings

Judgment-free zone: kids get to be kids, anyway they want to be! And teachers get to be kids too!

Knowledge: sharing wisdom with friends fosters enthusiasm about learning

Laughter: there is nothing better for the body, mind, and spirit than to giggle with buddies

Mindfulness: closing our eyes and awakening all of our senses to the world around us- the sound of breathing, the music, the way our mats feel, the warmth of our palms

Noticing: the way our bodies MOVE. How does one touch their right foot with their

left hand?

Organized: classes are planned, but still go with the flow~


kids yoga 3

Quack, ribbit, bark, meow: laughing and making sounds while practicing

Rest- there is always time for a two minute colorful guided relaxation

Stretch: nowadays kids spend their entire days sitting at desks in school. Yoga is their chance to move and stretch all of their muscles, bones, and growing bodies

Turn off those electronics! Yoga is digital-age accessory free

Unity: playing games, doing poses, reading books all together

kids yoga2

Vibrant: colors, creativity, music, toys, props- kid’s yoga is full of super colorful and abundant energy

Wash: away all the stress from the day. There are no competitions, quizzes, grades or winners in yoga. The most important rule is to have fun and do what you love

Xylophone: drums, maraccas and more! Exploring the gift of music

You are you and I am me: yoga encourages self-expression, self-awareness, self-confidence and love

Zzzzz: a good yoga play time means a better sleep, happier dreaming, and happier parents :)


Check out more on kid’s yoga and the benefits here!


new head shotRoni Zelivinski is a local Vinyasa yoga teacher for yogis of all ages, a Doula,  Zumba instructor, salsa music lover, barefoot-walker and aspiring midwife. She co-created the extendYoga kids camp with Arlet Koseian and is very passionate about the importance of play for all ages!  Originally from Israel, she grew up in Rockville and spends most of her time studying at the University of Maryland and teaching classes in the DMV.  To learn more about Roni, check out her blog!