when it’s time to slow down

when it’s time to  s  l  o  w   d  o  w  n

Do you ever feel truly caught up?  Will you ever think your to-do list is actually manageable?  Do you question if you know which end is up?  When do you know when it’s time to surrender and throw in the towel?

At the end of this past summer (you know, the summer where I was finally going to get ahead and get all those “extra” projects done?), I found myself exhausted, depleted and frankly I looked like how I felt too; like sh#t!  When do you know when too much, is too much?  When is it time to SLOW DOWN?

I’ll tell you when…

1.) When you’re in the midst of planning the largest event to date for the studio (oh, hey Rachel Brathen) and then…


2.) …your car dies (for good this time) in the middle of the city and your phone is dying– just barely enough juice to call a tow truck.

3.) When you move in with your fiancé– that’s kind of a big deal, right?  Too bad I didn’t really notice until months later.  OPEN YOUR [MY] EYES FOOL!

4.) When you leave your business (your baby) for more than just a long weekend and pack up for a twelve-day jaunt to Spain.

5.) When you realize that you just left an important business meeting with your shirt OBVIOUSLY inside-out the whole time.

6.) When #1-5 happens within the same two weeks.

7.) When you get back from your life-changing trip and have to rent a car to get around until you figure out what to do.  Oh yeah, remember?  That happened right before you left the country.  (FYI- if you’re looking to donate your car, Kars4Kids is a great organization and they take any car in any condition!)


So what?  Everyone’s got his/her “stuff” and no one’s stuff is any more urgent, severe or important as the next; the question is: how do we cope?  How do we not only know WHEN it’s time to stop and take a step back, but HOW to stop before it’s too late and we run ourselves ragged?

I’ll tell you how I made this happen:

1.) I started by going on the most magical, magnificent journey of a lifetime with my teacher.  Ever thought about going on a yoga retreat?  I highly recommend it.  Not for you?  Go on a trip, any trip, turn off your cell/social media, do something drastic, throw yourself into a situation that you can’t really escape, literally remove yourself from all your crap, where all you can really focus on is what’s in front of your face (for me, this was yoga in southern Spain).  This will change everything.  Trust me.


photo cred (above): Rene Reilly Rinaldi


photo cred (above): Rene Reilly Rinaldi

photo 2me photo 1


2.) What else? Over the last couple months, I’ve spent less time at work- ie: less time at the studio, more work from home days.

3.) I’m only teaching once a week now.  This may change, but for now, it’s working for me.

4.) I haven’t been taking as many yoga classes at the studio.  More home practice exploration– shout out Okinawan Handstand Challenge!

5. ) I’m ‘trying’ to cook more and tend to our new home.  Testing out a new brussels recipe…


6.) I gained at least 5 pounds during this slow down period, but I’m so much happier- so who cares?!  More cooking… and eating…

7.) More pedicures and me time, sans iPhone.

8.) More time with this guy- who feeds my soul:


 9.)  And last but not least, MORE SLEEP.  The more, the better.

So I challenge you… can you identify when it’s time to slow down and then actually do something about it?

It’s a lot harder than it seems, but it’s essential to get your sh#t together before you’re in too deep and in that gross, endless cycle of to-do list chasing.  The good news is: you’ve got nothing too lose, but everything to gain (in my case, an extra 5 pounds too)!

Gotta jump in my new car… I’m late for my mani/pedi.  ;)