After weeks of ironing out our architectural drawings and plans with our Architect and Engineer, we finally submitted our plans to the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services!

Sounds boring… but it’s actually a really big step for us.  Now that we are in the system, we’ll go through several rounds of edits/notes and then our final inspections.  Once we get approval and obtain our permits, we’ll be able to finish our construction and open our doors!  There are of course, a few more steps before opening day– we’ll make sure to fill you all in on those details as we get to them. :)

In addition turning in our drawings to the county, we also participated in the Wine & Women Networking Happy Hour event hosted by Women Ambassadors for Business and the Rockville Women’s Business Center.   Antonia and I had a great time drinking wine, eating cheese and networking with other women business owners in the area.  It was a great turnout and we left with some awesome gift bags!

Filling out some paperwork as we wait for our number to be called at the Dept. of Permitting…

See ya soon!

quick update from extendYoga “offices”

quick update from extendYoga “offices”

I know since the first blog came out, you’ve all been dying for mores updates.  Well here they are…

We had a really big and busy week last week.  Good news: our space is empty (it was full of boxes from another tenant) and ready to be in construction mode!  Bad news: permitting and paperwork in Montgomery County is a lengthy and time-consuming process (surprise, surprise).

Antonia was in Maryland for the better half of the week and we spent some time hanging out on our yoga mats in our empty space; just taking it all in and excitedly chatting over our next steps.  Meeting with the county, architects, contractors and collecting bids is definitely stressful, but on the other hand it’s getting us closer to our goal!

We spent last Wednesday in beautiful 80 degree weather (Antonia was happy, apparently it’s still not spring in Massachusetts!) meeting and chatting with an amazing roster of instructors.  We parked ourselves at a sunny table in Congressional Plaza and met with instructors all day.  We’re so happy to have met such inspiring women, each who appreciate all styles of yoga and what it brings to people differently.  The day was very collaborative and we have TONS of new ideas to share with you, and everyone at extendYoga.

Thanks to everyone who recommended various instructors to us.  We really did luck out with this first round of interviews.  Please let us know if you know anyone else who is interested – we have a few more spots to fill!

Our next step is to make our final architect selection and get our layout/diagram going.  Once the architect begins our layout, we can launch into the demolition and construction… which we are SO EAGER  to start!

Stay tuned! :)


our space!

our space!