Today’s post is written by one of extendYoga’s talented instructors, Amanda.

A Call to Give and a Big Thank You!

We’ve all heard the word karma before, in a joke, in a yoga class, or in an article. Karma Yoga is one of the six branches of the yoga tree. Most of us are familiar with the branch of Hatha Yoga, which focuses primarily on the practice of asana/postures. Karma Yoga focuses on yoga through action, with an emphasis on seva, selfless giving. Since the concept and practice of Karma Yoga is immense enough for many blog posts, today’s post will focus on seva, sometimes simply referred to as service. When you donate to an organization, hold the door open for someone else, or lend an ear to friend, you are practicing seva.

Spring and summer are great times to think about seva (selfless giving). There are ample opportunities to attend donation yoga classes, run a 5K, volunteer for environmental projects, and donate money or other items of need to organizations/causes. Seva is very personal, so before you decide to give of yourself, you should reflect on your values. What causes are important to YOU? Cancer research? Homelessness? Giving in line with your values will ensure you foster an even greater connection to the cause, and feel even better about your action(s). Whether you give because you feel a connection to a person, event, or organization, allow yourself to reflect. Seva is a great addition to any yoga practice because it brings you on a journey of self reflection.  You’ve done something selfless for another; breath deeply into those feelings.  Reflecting on seva will allow you to see and enjoy the gift.  Seva always includes a gift back to you: a chance for self discovery, or even a wonderful yoga class.

While there are plenty of individual ways to give back to your community, partnering with a business that takes seva seriously, is wonderfully rewarding and particularly easy. We don’t all have the resources for large donations, or a room to host a yoga class; that’s where businesses come into the seva picture. Businesses, especially local, have resources to double our gifts by allowing us to partner with our fellow yoga students, and neighbors. You also get greater satisfaction knowing your gift has community impact. extendYoga is one of these businesses dedicated to seva. For our students, it is important to show that we care just as much about our community as you do. With that in mind, we plan on actively participating in community seva, which allows you an easy way to practice seva along with us. Since extendYoga doors opened in November we’ve collected three large boxes of toys for Toys for Tots, held a donation class that raised funds to purchase high efficiency laundry detergent for Interfaith Women’s Shelter, and held a blood drive for American Red Cross (free class to those that donated).  Just a few weeks ago I was honored to teach a donation class that raised $155 for  St. Jude’s Research Hospital.  None of this could have be done without YOU. You are the yogis graciously giving to benefit others, so thank you. We appreciate your support in making this community a better place, and ask that you continue to partner with us in all our seva events.

Our next donation class is Saturday, May 19th (you can sign up on our website here); donations will benenfit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Also this summer will be a donation class benefiting Headstand for DC ( date TBD (check our website or facebook for more information).  If you have any ideas for other service events or organizations in the area that we can partner with, please let us know.

Much love & gratitude,



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karma yoga

karma yoga

2011 was a great year, lots of exciting events, fun changes, and many things to be very thankful for.  We’d like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE for their support of extendYoga.  Arlet and I relied so heavily on our friends and family in 2011, and we’re so blessed to have such a supportive group surrounding us.  In addition to our friends and family we also have an amazing group of instructors at extendYoga that we are so lucky to have. They have believed in us from the start, stuck with us through a lot of construction set backs during our opening process, and they continue to amaze us with their support for the studio, and their belief in us and extendYoga.  And last, but certainly not least, we have a wonderful group of clients in our community that we can’t thank enough for coming to classes and visiting us at the studio! Thank you all so very much, we appreciate you all every day!

Now for a personal thanks – and that’s to my best friend, business partner, and basically my better half.  I could not have lucked out more in having Arlet as my business partner and I’m so thankful for her everyday. I never knew I could sit next to and talk to someone for 12-14 hours a day, and then when we part still feel the need to call immediately because there’s something else to discuss (whether its a new marketing idea for the studio, or to recap what happened on the latest episode of the Kardashians…yes, we watch the show – don’t judge).

With all those thanks out there, and without finishing my novel on all the reasons I’m thankful for Arlet – I’m going to shift to 2012.  The New Year is here, and I’m sure (like us) you’ve all made your new years resolutions and intend to keep them throughout the year.

One of our intentions for the studio is to give back – to you, and to the community.  We’re continuing this intention in 2012, and already have a lot on the calendar for it.

  • We know yoga can be expensive, and we want to make sure it can be accessible to everyone so we offer two $5 classes per week at extendYoga.  Check out our schedule to see the $5 class times:
  • We’re offering a FREE ZUMBA class on Thursday, January 5th.  To sign up online click here.
  • We have an ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY class on January 16th.  The class is only $5, so please feel free to donate more.  All proceeds will go to buying high effiency laundry detergent for the Interfaith Works Womens Shelter in Rockville.  You can sign up for that class here.  We’re planning lots of other ways to give back to you and the community – so if you have any causes you are passionate about and would like to work with us please email us at

To end this post with some laughs – I’m going to repost YogaDork’s 10 best and funniest Yoga videos of 2011.  You can see the top 10 and watch them HERE.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!



Set your intentions for 2012

Set your intentions for 2012