We’ve been getting lots of compliments on our unique artwork here at extendYoga.  In the past few years Arlet and I’s yoga mats have seen hundreds of hot yoga classes in a number of different cities and, needless to say, they have taken a lot of wear and tear.  With the opening of extendYoga we decided to end our relationship with our old mats and hang them on our (new) walls to give them the proper retirement they deserve.

Here are some (iphone) photos of our mats:

Framing our mats was our way to recycle our mats, and hold onto our memories (not to mention, have free and meaningful artwork for our walls).

Here’s a list of other ways to recycle your yoga mat if you find (like most of us) that you have those few mats that you can’t get rid of but just don’t use anymore: 50-ways-reuse-your-yoga-or-fitness-mat

And just because we’re on the subject, below are some of our favorite (and eco-friendly) products.

With all the yummy tea at the extendYoga Tynan Tea bar, we’re trying to use plastic, reusable tea cups: Eco_Cold_Drink_Cup

A refillable water bottle is always great to have.  There are BPA free, stainless steal and contain no paint or plastic:  www.kleankanteen.com

Enjoy going green!

going green

going green