Tuesday, September 5, 2012

That’s right.  Yoga and Local, FRESH food.

On Sat, September 15th, extendYoga‘s pairing up with the Central Farm Markets, Rockville Pike location and offering two COMPLIMENTARY yoga classes.

 The sessions will take place on the grassy area in the middle of the market.  The first class is from 10:30am – 11:15am (adult class), and the second class is family friendly and offered from 11:30-12:15pm.  We’ll have around 10-15 mats available, but you’re encouraged to bring your own mat if you can.

For more information, please check out this link: Central Farm Markets Free Yoga Classes – Rockville

The Farmers Market is located at 11806 Rockville Pike, between Old Georgetown and Montrose Roads in Rockville (Mid Pike Plaza: La Madeline, Toys R Us, Chipotle Shopping Center).

The market is open from 9am-2pm on Saturdays, so feel free to come early to get your shopping done before class!

Excited to check out Central Farm Market but overwhelmed at the thought of so many great choices?  lululemon posted 9 tips for shopping a farmers’ market.

We hope you’re loving this as much as we are!

Enjoy and see you on the mat!

FREE YOGA at the Central Farm Markets in Rockville

FREE YOGA at the Central Farm Markets in Rockville

The Olympics are everywhere – and if you’re like me, you’re probably frusterated with social media lately for all the spoiler alerts throughout the day on the events and outcomes.  Is anyone else finding it impossible to watch the games at night without knowing who won already?

While watching the games I’m so impressed with each of the athletes (especially Team USA!), and their incredible strength, stamina and overall athletic abilities.  Since this is technically a yoga blog – I thought I’d share this article that highlights some of the Olympic atheletes that incorporate yoga into their training.

You’d assume the Olympians eat a strict diet, and eating heart healthy, protein rich foods.  This article goes over weird diets of the Olympians.

Here’s an interesting take on yoga and the Olympics that discusses how asana is only one of the eight limbs, but it’s the obvious Olympic limb.

My fiance noticed that the USA Men’s Volleyball Team was sporting lululemon – he was so proud of himself for noticing my favorite brand on our athletes.   Here are some photos!

See you on the mat!


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what we’re loving: olympics edition

what we’re loving: olympics edition

Lots of text with no photos today – but we’re sharing (some of) our daily blog reads!


For clean eating, fitness, healthy lifestyle mixed with fashion and pretty things we love Think Pretty Thoughts.

Our daily read of yoga style, yoga lifestyle and diys is Namastilo.

A holistic and wellness blog about avurveda, yoga is Spinach and Yoga.  There are tons of great recipes, and the blog gives you a balanced approach to wellness.

The Daily Downward Dog has lots of fun playlists, inspirational stories, and shares fun yoga experiences with you.

Lululemon has a community blog about yoga, running, goal setting and “a healthy dose of inspiration.”  They have fun stories behind their yoga clothing, yoga playlists, and feature yoga and fitness events happening around the country.

MindBodyGreen always has tons of content and has quick reads like “3 Life Lessons” and “5 Practices to quiet your mind.”  It’s a daily go-to for inspiration.  It claims to be the “Go-to Guide for Yoga and Wellness,” and for us, it is!

If you’re only going to read one blog and want to be in the know on all things yoga, YogaDork is the blog for you.  It has a fair share of celebrity posts, big news in the yoga world and great interviews.

Yoganonymous has great interviews and shares big yoga events happening across the country.  They have fun reads like “7 mouth watering recipes for a healthy independence day,” and always feature fresh content.


We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

See you on the mat!


what we’re loving: blogs!

what we’re loving: blogs!

Right in the middle of a HOT week  - see what we’re loving this week…

Want some yoga art in your life?  We love this post by lo over at Namastillo…My favorite is “With my Whole Heart”.  For more information and where/how to purchase head on over to Namastillo.



The heat is certainly here – read this MindBodyGreen article to find out what foods are going to cool you down.  I was a little sad reading this because when it gets hot the two things I reach for are frozen yogurt and iced coffee.  The article explains when it get hot you need to enjoy water-rich foods.  While that Starbucks iced coffee might seem like a quick fix, it’s actually going to dehydrate you.  A quick trip to yogiberry may actually cause congestion and hinder your body’s cooling systems.   Instead its recommended to reach for fresh and raw vegetables and fruit with a high water content.  For the full list check out the article here.

Some people think that hot yoga in the summertime is crazy, while others are thinking “if I’m going to be sweating anyways I might as well be doing some hot yoga!”  Check out this new “hot but not” tank from lululemon – looks light and airy and I’d buy it just for the back!

Enjoy the heat and see you on the mat!

yoga art, what foods cool you, hot but not

yoga art, what foods cool you, hot but not

With our new blog look we’re launching a bit of new blog content.  So, every Wednesday you can look forward to seeing what’s hot on our radar.


hot yoga, yoga

 New Yoga Clothes.  Okay so, maybe we did agree with #9 on this yoganonymous list that’s been going around, but there’s something about new yoga clothes that bring back the “new back to school clothes shopping” experience.  With summer right around the corner, it’s a great excuse to pick up a few new pieces.   I’m loving this lululemon power dance tank in heathered rose quartz.  Its a perfect staple for hot yoga classes this summer, and the light color will look great with a sunkissed glow!

yoga, extendYoga

 THIS LADY.    Many of you have seen the interview with Master Tao Porchon Lynch who just got inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records for being the oldest living yoga teacher at 93!!!  For those of you who haven’t seen it – you can click here.  Its worth checking out for the beautiful photos!



How many of us look like the photo on the left for 40 hours a week?  If you substistute the computer in the photo for a smartphone/ipad/kindle then its probably more like 60 hours.  Ladies Home Journal posted this article  (its an oldie but goodie) about how to incorporate yoga into your workday.  I especially like the chairtwist.  The photo is great:


What have you seen lately that you’re loving?  If you want to submit something that you can’t get enough of you can email us at info@extendYoga.com

See you on the mat!


what we’re loving

what we’re loving

Everywhere you look people are doing yoga.  Not only “normal” people like you and I, but everyone from star athletes to celebrities to OPRAH incorporate yoga into their lives.

There are so many benefits to practicing Yoga it would be hard to name (and type!) them all in this blog.  For  example, Sting says Yoga is reversing the aging process, and Meg Ryan says it changes her life.  You can read about the other celebs who have a regular practice HERE.

Matthew McConaughey practices yoga shirtless (does he ever wear a shirt?!) on the beach, and Jennifer Aniston says yoga is therapeutic for her (and helped her get over Brad).

Now onto athletes…

Superbowl bound NE Patriots Cornerback Devin McCourty credits his success to hot yoga in the off-season.  And Lebron James’s secret is Yoga (and where he practices is a secret too!)

Do you want to have a regular practice but don’t have a celebrity paycheck?  Not a problem!  extendYoga’s new schedule starts FEBRUARY 1st and we’re happy to announce that we have Four classes for $5 on Fridays in February.  Join us every week and enjoy and hour of yoga for just $5 (that’s less than a latte at Starbucks!).  We’re also teaming up with lululemon athletica to offer COMPLIMENTARY classes on Sundays at 11am – that’s right, $0 for one hour of yoga!  At extendYoga we’re making it more affordable than ever to get yoga into your life.

See you on the mat!


12106 Wilkins Ave

Rockville, MD


yoga: everybody’s doing it

yoga: everybody’s doing it

While I’m sure everyone is prepared this year, and already has their gifts purchased and wrapped, we have the perfect gifts for the yogi in your life.

I’m an avid blog reader, and YogaDork is on my list of daily reads.  YogaDork posted the “Best Yoga Gifts of the Year” on their site…you can check that list out here: http://www.yogadork.com/news/yogadork-holiday-gift-guide-2011-the-best-yoga-gifts-of-the-year/

I decided it was time for me to put together my yoga wish list for 2011 Holidays (just in case Santa reads our blog):

Since the studio is finally open I’ve been taking a lot of classes with our great instructors.  My mat is getting a lot of wear and tear so I’m going to be needing a new one soon!  This kulae tpECOmat in midnight/ blossum is great for hot yoga, its very anti-slip!

I love a versatile pant that I can practice in and then keep on while I run some errands.  These Zweet Lima Capri’s are the mix of style and function and let’s be honest, I love anything with rouching!

Lululemon No Limit Tank, this is the perfect top for all the hot yoga classes I’ve been taking at extendYoga.

For anyone who knows me, you know my ideal outfit (for any season other than in the summer) is yoga clothes, and now that I work in a yoga studio I can get away with wearing my yoga clothes everyday!   I can’t get enough of the Run: Your Heart Out Pullover from Lululemon.  I’m a sucker for anything with thumbholes.

After class its tough to go out in the cold with my capris and uggs (since a part of my calf is exposed to the winter!), so I’ve been loving leg warmers lately to keep my whole leg warm and bridge the gap between my boots and my capris.  These leg warmers are hand crafted in the USA and are made from reused, recycled and earth friendly materials.

These Made with Love Recycled Rubber Bracelets are great to wear during yoga because they can bend with you, and don’t make any loud clinking noises like other bangles.  The best perk is that the proceeds go to providing shelter, meals, education and training programs to children from the streest of Dakar, Senegal.

Now that I’ve outlined my ideal outfit and day to you, what’s on your holiday wish list?

Still need a gift for the yogi (or anyone) in your life?  At extendYoga, we have lots of variety in our retail shop and you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, or your gift not getting here in time.  We also have great holiday specials going on until January 7th (only $950 for a YEAR membership with unlimited classes!  Way to get a jump start on your New Years Resolutions!), as well as gift certificates in any amount.

Stop in to take your favorite class, try something you never have, buy a last minute gift, or just unwind with some gourmet, complimentary tea from our Tynan Tea Bar.

happy holidays and namaste,


a guide to top yogi gifts

a guide to top yogi gifts