11 Jul, 2014

Transitions with Krista: Sat, July 19: 11am-1pm

Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here. check out Krista's transition video! TRANSITIONS W/ KRISTA BLOCK SATURDAY, JULY 19: 11:00am-1:00pm Cost: $30 per person (pre-registration required).  Sign up here. check out Krista's transition video!

14 Apr, 2014

7 Things to Consider Before Signing Up for Yoga Teacher Training

Last week I guest blogged for Active Life DC about what you should think about before signing up for Yoga Teacher Training.  Check out the posts (and my past posts) here: You’ve been thinking about, you’ve been researching online, you’ve been visiting studios in the DC area… so how do you decide?* Well, first things first: make [...]

9 Apr, 2014

staff highlight: Sara C (and happy bday)!

Today's blog post is all about Sara... and today is actually her birthday too!!!  Happy Birthday Sara!!!  :) x The Sara(h)s and Lisa run this place.  Honestly, I don't know what I would without my work exchange crew.  You really don't realize what goes into the daily operations of extendYoga until you are behind the desk [...]

13 Feb, 2014

DIYY (do it yourself yogini): chalkboards

Still snowed in?  Here's an activity that might be fun (but it does require a trip to your local home improvement store).  Check out my DIYY (do it yourself yogini) post... Greetings from a do it yourself yogini!  I like to think that I am handy person.  After all, I am pretty much filling the [...]

13 Nov, 2013

a fortune cookie once told me…

This post --and sorry it's been too long since the last one-- is dedicated to our recent 2nd birthday.  Woot!  Woot! Each anniversary of the studio (even though it's only been 2 :) ), I like to reflect back on the previous year.  Last year, it was all about survival and dealing with unexpected changes/situations. [...]

29 May, 2013

save a life? free yoga class? sign me up!

Hola from the extendYoga blogosphere!  Today's post is an oldie but a goodie and about a topic that I really care about.  I'm re-posting a blog post from last year's blood drive in honor of our 2nd Annual Blood Drive this Saturday, June 1!!!  Here's all the info about the drive this weekend.  And on to the [...]

3 Apr, 2013

The Lifestyle of an Undercover Yogi

Guest blogger, Alison Lea Sher of Be You Be Sure is in the house today!  Enjoy her post about what being a yogi means to her (and maybe you too). Yes. We yogis love Krishna Das, though to most people he appears to be some sort of self-sanctified deity. Why do we sit there chanting in call [...]

12 Dec, 2012

how to pick your yoga mat

Thick? Thin? Eco Friendly? Light? Heavy? Cost?  Today's blog post is all about choosing the right yoga mat for you. If you have already taken your first yoga class, the next step is getting your own mat. Or if you haven't taken yoga yet,  your mat could be your first step!         [...]

26 Sep, 2012

what we’re loving- the latest yoga blog posts

Here are some of our favorite recent articles! Spinach and Yoga posted 10 Belly Friendly Snacks for Sensitive and Bloated Tummies. Yoganonymous blogged: Yoga Research: Five proven Facts that Make Yoga Awesome.  Sounds like a great article to send your friends that aren't convinced about the amazing benefits of yoga! Want to know How to [...]

19 Sep, 2012

what we’re loving: latest links from the yogi blogosphere

Today we're sending you the best from all our yoga blogs this week...Enjoy! Feel like you're always running from somewhere to get to your yoga class?  We love this post about the 3 Must Haves for Yogis On-The-Go. I haven't made the switch from iced cofee to hot coffee yet (my official "summer's over" moment), [...]

17 Sep, 2012

chocolate and wine tasting

Relax & Unwind: Limited spaces still available for extendYoga’s First Annual Wine & Chocolate Tasting on September 29th, 2012 Join us for a "Night In!" If yoga isn’t your thing, but you’d love to come to a wine tasting you’re in luck! By popular demand, the wine tasting portion of the workshop is now available [...]

6 Sep, 2012

FREE YOGA at the Central Farm Markets in Rockville

Tuesday, September 5, 2012 That's right.  Yoga and Local, FRESH food. On Sat, September 15th, extendYoga's pairing up with the Central Farm Markets, Rockville Pike location and offering two COMPLIMENTARY yoga classes.  The sessions will take place on the grassy area in the middle of the market.  The first class is from 10:30am - 11:15am [...]