Happy hump day yogis and yoginis!  I had a couple students ask me about how to clean their yoga mats this week (especially after hot yoga classes– yuck!).  Here at the studio, we use homemade mat cleaner and it works really well.  Believe it or not, some yoga mats can actually go right into your washing machine too!  Enjoy these tips on how to keep your mat tidy!

3 ways to clean your yoga mat:

1). wash your mat by hand:

Buy mat cleaner or make your own.  There are great, natural, affordable mat cleaners out there for purchase.  If you want to make your own cleaner, there are lots of great recipes to pick from and they are all super easy.  Pick up a spray bottle from Target, CVS, or you can even recycle an old spray bottle that you might have from other cleaning products around your home– just make sure to clean/wash it thoroughly before filling it with your yoga mat cleaner concoction.

This is the mat cleaner mix we use at extendYoga:

  • warm water
  • 3-5 drops of Tea Tree oil (can get at Whole Foods or Amazon.com) — a 2 ounce bottle tea tree oil lasts forever.  I’ve been using the same bottle at the studio for over a year now, and there is still some in there!
  • some times I add a tiny drop of Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner or 2 drops of dish soap
  • if you want something that smells nice, add a couple drops of any other essential oil (like lavender)

Instead of soap or cleaner– you can use a couple drops of white vinegar (this is a little more stinky– but it does the trick)! Grab a spray bottle, fill it up, give it a shake and spray away.  Use a sponge or towel to wipe down your mat and you’re good to go!  More mat cleaner recipes! 

tea tree oilclean your yoga mat

2). wash your yoga mat in the washing machine:

Toss your mat in the washing machine (by itself, no clothes) using cold water, on the gentle cycle and a mild detergent like Woolite.  Remove the mat BEFORE the spin cycle and rinse off the soap with room temperature or lukewarm water.  Hang or drape your mat and allow plenty of time to dry (like overnight).

Make sure to double check the mat manufacturer to make sure it is washing machine safe.  Some eco, rubber or biodegradable mats might not be suitable for the machine.

clean your mat in the wash

3). take a shower with your mat!

I’ve heard about people washing their mats while in the shower and then hanging dry over the shower rod.  Perhaps a post yoga class routine every month or two?!

some tidy mat tips:

  • you only need to do a deep/extensive cleaning every couple months – no need to go crazy after every class or you’ll wear your mat out!
  • try to fold or hang your mat versus rolling every once and a while, so the funk doesn’t get trapped in and any moisture is able to dry
  • make sure your mat is completely dry the next time you use it
  • make sure your feet are clean before hoping on your mat, especially now that we are in flip flop season– clean feet = cleaner mat!


See you on your (sparkling clean) mat!

stinky yoga mat?

stinky yoga mat?

Well… we did it!!!  We are open!

This is a little overdue… but THANK YOU to all of those who came to our grand opening celebration on the 5th.  And a special thanks to so many friends and family members who worked so hard and helped the week leading up to the opening (we had a lot of late nights and pizza dinners)!

We were more than thrilled with the turnout and it was truly a special day for Antonia and I.  We are so thankful for all the support and grateful to be a part of the community.



Our 10 minute sample classes at the opening were a hit!

Our visitors loved 10 minute Zumba! Check out a full Zumba class at the studio 6pm-7pm on Thursday nights!

Me and my mom at the front desk under our logo decal we had put up a couple days before the party (we love it)!

Our first couple weeks in business have been great.  We are excited to see new faces and get to know our neighbors each day.  Don’t forget that we are offering 10% off all our packages for the rest of November!

Stay tuned for information on our first HOLIDAY FAIR!  On Sat, Dec 17, 12pm-4pm we will be opening the studio up to the community and local vendors who will be showcasing their crafts, art and more, for all to enjoy!  extendYoga will be offering 10% off all packages during the holiday fair as well.

Last of all, with thanksgiving around the corner… we take a look at how far we have come and how blessed and THANKFUL we are for everything that we have and for everything that lies ahead.  We wouldn’t be able to follow our dreams without those who love and support us every day.

And to Antonia– I have no idea what I would ever do without you!!!  I could tell you in person, but I feel the world (or our handful of blog followers) should know what a wonderful, supportive, patient and caring person, friend and business partner you are. :)

Gobble gobble!  Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


come in… we’re open!

come in… we’re open!